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Join a cohort at the start of the month, ship your MVP at the end of the month.Leverage the power of community to stay focussed, productive and accountable.

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Do you have a list of projects you would love to ship, but never do? Procrastination, perfectionism, fear of failure and imposter syndrome are common. We've all been there.In the comfort of our home, we're accountable to ourselves only. As a member of the Monthly Makers Club you will commit to launching at the end of the month and have the full support of the community.

focus your efforts

Weekly sprints

Each month will be broken down into four weekly sprints, alternating between building and marketing. At the start of each week, you will set your goals and share them with the group.In week one, you will start building your project. In week two, you will be getting word out about what you are building. In week three you will prep your MVP for release. Week four is go for launch baby! 🚀

it's the execution that counts

"Ideas are worth nothing unless they are executed.They are just a multiplier.Execution is worth millions."- derek sivers

Solo-founders multiplied

network effect

Using focus sessions you'll have the option to work online with your cohort for that extra boost of productivity.Just want to chat to the rest of the group to share what challenges you're having or see where others are at? You can do that too with informal live chats.

when can you start?

launching on the 1st of june

The community officially opens next month and will be launching on Product Hunt on the 1st of June. We're open for sign-ups now and you can even start to get to know your cohort as we prepare for build number one!Sign up for a month or a year, the choice is yours and depends on how many projects you want to ship. There's a small monthly fee to ensure the community is made up of people who are serious about launching their projects and to keep it free of spam.

Monthly Makers Club - Build, market and launch your MVP in 30 days. | Product Hunt

show off your project

demo days

At the end of each month you will have the opportunity to present your project to the rest of the group for feedback and questions.

Learn from the experts

monthly masterclass

Each month hear from Solo-founders who've built successful businesses with revenue between $2K and $80K MRR.

Turbo charge your efforts


With our curated list of books, courses, and podcasts you'll know what to read, who and what to listen to.As a member, you'll also get discounted access to tools from our community partners to help you build your business.

indie maker's unite

about me

Hi! I'm Rich 👋. I live in Australia with my wife and three young boys. I work as an Airline Pilot but when I'm not flying or chasing my boys around I like to build stuff. I've been doing this for a couple of years and want to step it up now. I plan to ship a project a month for the foreseeable future. My goal is to replace my income from what I've built on my laptop alone.I've seen a lot of comments online from people challenged by actually shipping what they build. I know that for myself and many others, having an artificial deadline to work to can make all the difference.That's why I'm building this community. To help as many people as possible ship their project(s), gain traction and work toward a sustainable income for themselves and their family.If you want to say hi, you can catch me on my personal Twitter here.

Memberships are on a

temporary pause

We're at capacity for now and memberships are on hold for now. Please check back soon.